The top 10 romantic cities in Europe

With Valentine’s Day only a few weeks away, we thought we’d pull together a list of our top 10 romantic cities to visit in celebration.

Now, we know what you’re all thinking and yes Valentine’s Day is a ‘Hallmark holiday and if you choose not to celebrate, it doesn’t mean that you love your partner any less. But, if you’re with someone who truly loves the holiday (and let’s face it, most of us do), you’ll look beyond the ‘commercial rubbish,’ give the ‘greedy-corporation talk’ a rest and pull out all the stops to make your partner feel really, really special.

First stop…

1. Reykjavik, Iceland


On a clear crisp night between September and April, there really is no better place to be in the world than in Reykjavik, Iceland. The Northern Lights Phenomena is simply spectacular, and to witness something so mind-boggling is a truly immortalizing experience, and a memory you will treasure, no doubt, for years. So why not share it with someone you love?


The heated pools, Blue Lagoon and whale watching excursions will also keep you entertained, so you’ll get more for your money regardless.

2. Krakow, Poland

image request paris-rome5

Picture a riverside city bursting with enchanting architecture, an old town with Gothic spires skewering the sky, and a magical castle watching over the entire vicinity. Throw in amazing cuisine, buzzing nightlife and more romance and history than you could ever imagine, and you’ve got one pretty impressive destination. Place yourself in the shoes of past lovers and ride a horse and carriage along the cobbled streets of Old Town Krakow to thoroughly make the most of your experience.

 3. Vienna, Italy

image request paris-rome12

Breathtaking scenery, bright blue skies, historical palaces, beautiful botanical gardens and a burgeoning culinary scene makes this city one of the most romantic in all of Europe. The enticing tones of Mozart and Beethoven fuse with the crisp, clean air of this cultural hot-spot, teeming with lauded restaurants, lively pubs, bars and beer houses that will, with no doubt, keep you and your partner entertained.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

image request paris-rome10

Prague – a majestic fusion of Baroque and Bohemia, exemplary architecture, enticing food and enchanting design – is the perfect city break for a couple. With picture-perfect vistas, breathtaking views, a central river, delicious food and tranquil countryside retreats, visits to Prague are fairly cheap, but the experience is anything but.

5. Rome, Italy

image request paris-rome2

Whether you choose to explore the romantic Italian capital’s bountiful culture and art, or merely watch the city pass by as you sip fine wine and dine alfresco, a visit to Rome is an absolute must. With attractions including the Colosseo, Fontana di Trevi, Città del Vaticano, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia, Pantheon, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggior and more, the only difficulty you’ll find is in trying fit all of the sights  in on one visit.

6. Budapest, Hungary

image request paris-rome11

With warmth that echoes through traffic-free streets and intoxicates all of whom visit, Budapest is a mesmerising city – suitable for every lover. The cuisine is excellent so fine dining will never be a problem, and there’s a variety of activities to keep every guest entertained. Weave in and out of the trees or take a picnic on the well-kept lawns of Margaret Island on the river Danube, or visit Széchenyi Thermal Bath for a soak in one of the oldest thermal baths in the city. Whatever you choose to do, you can’t really put a foot wrong is Budapest.

7. Florence, Italy

image request paris-rome7

As  you glide across the River Arno by the Ponte Vecchio (old bridge), stroll past the stores built on the stilts of its edges, wander beneath the grand, historic buildings, and marvel at the intricate Renaissance architecture and design, you’ll understand why Florence is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. Sample some of the world’s finest art in the Tuscan capital and end a day of gallery-gazing with a delicious candle-lit meal for two at a restaurant near the canal.

8. Venice, Italy

image request paris-rome8

If there’s one place where romance is fully embraced and flaunted – it’s Venice. With rows of gondolas dressed in cobalt blue and the buzz of a baroque concert filling the air, an evening in Venice is ideal for a romantic getaway. This stunning city, named as “undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man”, is a must-see on every couple’s bucket list.

9. Positano, Italy

image request paris-rome3

Alongside the rugged terrain of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a beautiful little town cradled between the distant peaks of the Lattari Mountains and the subtle beauty of the Salerno bay. Famous for its picturesque views, winding stairways and towering cliffs, Positano is one of Italy’s most romantic destination spots – favored for its peaceful ambiance, tranquil corners and isolated beauty that over the years has remained completely unscathed by the promotion of tourism in the town and in its neighboring towns and cities across the stretch of the Amalfi Coast.


10.  Paris, France

image request paris-rome6

If all else fails, in the words of Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca “We’ll always have Paris…”

Is there a more iconic city? From Oscar Wilde to Audrey Hepburn, history’s most decadent figures have fallen head over heels in love with the fashionable French capital. With its haute couture houses, quirky boutiques, iconic architecture and inspiring exhibitions, I can’t think of a reason why someone wouldn’t fall in love with this enticing city too.

image request paris-rome

Experience breaks

When I was nine years old I thought that my dream holiday would be a trip to ‘Never Never land’. Not the one that we’d read about in the books, but the real ‘Never Never Land’…you know? The one you saw in the movies (the one that really existed – obviously.) Anyways, when I got older, and realised that that was never, never going to happen, Disney World became my next best bet. And I was obsessed with it. Every magazine, advert on tele’, newspaper article, Disney movie, album or song I could get my hands on – I had it. And when I eventually went, yes it was amazing, but I enjoyed it the most because it held all the elements about Disney that I’d loved. The music – the magic – the characters – all my favourite books bought to life. Well, naturally the Disney part of me has changed (i’m no longer obsessed), but the principle of the perfect holiday remains the same.

A holiday should be something to look forward to, something that excites you – it should be an experience! What’s the point in booking time off work and spending your money on something that you’re not going to thoroughly enjoy? Fun in the sun is all well and good, but when you’ve got a certain number of days to take off a year, you’re going to want to make sure that you make the most of it (regardless of your budget). So instead of booking into your nearest hotel and factoring in a Maccy D’s for breakfast, why not invest in a break that will cater to your interests and, better yet, stretch your getaway budget that little bit further?

First up:

1. The Murder Mystery  


If you can solve a crime faster than Agent Gibbs, Barnaby, Poirot and Holmes put together, then a Murder Mystery break will be right up your street. Put your detective skills to the test with a stay at Down Hall Country House, where you’ll take part in an exciting murder mystery event, enjoy breakfast in the morning and a three-course dinner on the night. 

One-night at Down Hall Country House Hotel with a three-course dinner included – £119 for two people.

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If you’d rather watch paint dry (for some strange reason) fear not – there’s something for the light-hearted among you as well.

2. The Comedy Classic


Spend the night in the company of your favourite comedy characters (all played by acclaimed professional actors from Laughlines) and  receive a delicious meal, accommodation and a delicious breakfast in the morning too. Why watch the re-runs at home, when you can spend the night watching your favourite scenes performed live, in a gorgeous hotel, first hand?

One-night Fawlty Towers or Father Ted dinner show, available in a choice of five  locations for just £99 per person.

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For those who’s rather be at sea than ‘by the seaside’ – all aboard a kgbdeal cruise:

3. The Cruises


Cruising across the North Sea, pumping out the most awesome tunes, loud enough that all the fish will start yelling out their requests, you could dance the night away to one of the coolest of European cities. Leave the landlubbers behind, boogie-ing (and shrieking with excitement) to marvellous tribute music to Michael Jackson and Madonna, before arriving via coach in Amsterdam for a day of sight-seeing. A two-night P & O party cruise to Amsterdam with Superbreak, featuring spectacular tribute acts to Michael Jackson and Madonna – £79 per person

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For something more spectacular, Dubai might just be the perfect destination. Check out the deal below:

A seven-night cruise to luxurious Dubai with 118 Cruise, including flights, all-inclusive accommodation and daytime & evening entertainment, £859 per person



An unforgettable journey through Arab tradition and culture: experience the high-end Arab seductiveness among cutting-edge architecture and majestic deserts with this seven-night cruise with flights. Fly out to Dubai before  joining your cruise ship and setting sail to Muscat, Khasab and Abu Dhabi while enjoying full-board accommodation on-board, complete with entertainment  day and night! With its crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches, it could be possible that there’s no better way to see this truly beautiful part of the world.

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3. The Theatre

A one-night stay in the heart of London, including a full English breakfast at the 4* Guoman Tower Hotel with Omega Holidays, including a ticket to see Thriller Live – £89.95 per person


Have you ever moon-walked your way to the bus stop?  Spun into a kick at the office party? Awkwardly grabbed your nether-regions in the middle of a boogie down at the pub? Then like the stars of this kgbdeal, you could also be suffering from Michael-Jackson-itis. A mysterious illness, even the forensics in Poirot initially failed to detect, can often be recognized by the strange sensation you feel in your legs when someone says that they want to ‘Rock The Night Away’ or that they often need to talk to the ‘’Man In The Mirror’ (this can also be a sign of something so do bare that in mind) is an illness that can only be cured with a night out in London’s West End, a 4* hotel and a ticket to see ‘Thriller Live’.


By the end of the night you will feel totally ‘normal’, and should be able to resist a cheeky moonwalk on your way to work the next day. However, if your symptoms fail to subside, we’d recommend another trip with a friend or a loved one to really allow the course of medication to work. One night at the 4* Tower Guoman Towel hotel with a ticket to see Thriller Live, just £89.95 per person.

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A fan of the classics?

How about a one-night London break, including a ticket to the Phantom of the Opera and accommodation at the 4* Guoman Tower Hotel, £109.95 per person


If, like Christine, an angelic voice often ‘calls to you in your sleep’ (and it isn’t your partner, daughter or a loved one) you’ll be able to find solace in our next theatre break. Ideal for those in search of the Phantom, this exciting one-night stay includes a ticket to see Andrew Lloyd Webbers’ ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ in theatre, and accommodation at the 4* Guoman Tower hotel. The jaw-dropping scenery, enticing score and breathtaking special effects should be able to put the songs in your head at bay. But if it doesn’t work, you obviously haven’t got it out of your system yet. Fortunately, at only £109.95 per person, you’ll be more likely to afford to go again.

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4.  Fitness Fanatics


One-night Welsh yoga retreat, including breakfast, an evening meal voucher, full spa facilities and a 90-minute yoga session at the Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel & Spa – £69 per person


If your favourite pretzel is a yoga position as opposed to a German delicacy, then this kgbdeal should be the one for you. Set in the picturesque Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel & Spa in Gwent, Monmouthshire, you’ll start kick start your stay with a 90-minute energizing Yoga session, enjoy a delicious full Welsh breakfast, and be able to make full use of the tranquil spa facilities, including a heated pool, Jacuzzi steam room and sauna, plus a state-of-the-art gym. Perfect for pros and enthusiastic newbies alike, this super session will have you identifying your crouching dogs from crouching tigers in absolutely no time. The bonus? The beautifully designed bedrooms are set in the historic luxury of 16th century splendour, and boast stunning views of the surrounding countryside. With nothing except luscious green countryside outside and total tranquility inside, the Cwrtium Roman Spa and Leisure Club is the perfect, romantic place to unwind.

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For something  a little more intensive. How about…


A three-day, full-board bootcamp stay, including nutritional advice, life coaching and an extensive exercise programme with Brothers Bootcamp – £179 per person


If your New Year resolutions didn’t go to plan, there’s no harm is kick-staring your regime again, with a fantastic bootcamp break with life-coaching, nutritional advance and extensive exercise program to give a helping hand. Not only will you be put through an extensive exercise program, you’ll also enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, plus receive nutritional advice and workshops while you stay in gorgeous shared accommodation at one of four fantastic locations.

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If three days are too long, how about an overnight, all-inclusive bootcamp break?

Enjoy accommodation, all food, fitness programmes, nutrition and lifestyle advice at Ilam Hall country house in the heart of the Derbyshire Peak District with Motivate Bootcamp – just £89 per person


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Already fit?

5. The big bundle

How does breathtaking scenery, bright blue skies, clean air, spa treatments, mountain-biking and delicious dining from £249 sound? Almost too good to be true?


Your stay will include a buffet breakfast, a light bite and a four-course dinner every day, plus ample opportunity to explore the outstanding area of natural beauty that surrounds this snug hotel – you’ll even get two entries to the Swarovski Crystal World! Mountain bike hire is included; the hotel has free WiFi, and complimentary bath robes, bathing shoes and a cosmetic set in your room. Oh, and did we mention you also have full, free access to the hotel’s bio sauna, Finnish sauna, aroma showers and Turkish bath, plus a 100€ voucher in spa treatments? Phew!

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Escape the January blues: 10 two-night UK breaks

The ‘staycation’ has been on British people’s radars for a while now, as families, couples and friends realise a trip away in good old Blighty is a wonderful way to recharge the batteries and see some genuinely interesting and beautiful places.

Not only are UK breaks a way to keep costs low, but with buzzing cosmopolitan cities from top to bottom of the British Isles to the rolling countryside, right here is as manageable as any country gets, allowing for an easy trip to all four corners at some world class hotels.

Maybe 2014 is time to treat yourself to the best that Britain has to offer. Read our 10 of the best with kgbdeals.

1) Waterhead Hotel – Lake District retreat from £159


Given its breathtaking views and age old English charm, it’s not surprising that William Wordsworth often drew inspiration from the Lake District. And in true poetic style, this kgbdeal is set “beside the lake, beneath the trees” a stone’s throw from the humpbacked mountains, sharp crags and lush hillsides which this area is so renowned for. The perfect break for hikers or just those looking to unwind amidst a wealth of natural beauty… This two-night break includes delicious full English breakfast each morning.

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2) Lyndhurst Park Hotel – New Forest stay from £99


Overflowing with scenic sights, bewitching woodland, isolated rivers, secret tree houses, stark scrubland and more The New Forest is the perfect location for a tranquil escape. And, luckily for you this kgbdeal gives you the opportunity to personally discover the secrets and delights of the New Forest National Park for yourself, allowing you to venture deep into your very own two-night fairytale escape complete with  full English breakfast each morning and a two-course dinner on the first night of your stay.

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3) The Grand Hotel Swanage – Dorset seaside break from £79


We hope you have your Argyll knit jumpers at the ready for today’s kgbdeal – because they are going to look fab as you and your beau stroll along the coast on a two-night break at the Grand Hotel Swanage. Oh yes – windswept walks, stunning scenery and cosy pubs are the order of the day for this offer, for a seaside break with breakfasts included that will leave you adoring Dorset…

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4) The George Hotel – Cotswolds break from £89


We all deserve a break every now and again, and after the busy festive season it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. So, why not spoil yourself and take a couple of days off with your loved one? Stunning rooms with a contemporary twist, all set within a stately Georgian house, make The George Hotel the perfect base to explore one of the country’s most delightful destinations… This deal included breakfasts, late check-out and a bottle of wine if you dine.

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5) The Legacy Falcon Hotel – Stratford-upon-Avon getaway from £139


Few British towns hold the distinct history that Stratford-upon-Avon boasts. Beautifully situated on the banks of the River Avon, as the birth place of the one and only William Shakespeare, this beautiful part of the country has been luring in literature fans for decades. But this riverside location isn’t just for bookworms, as the quaint town also makes for a delightful setting for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enter a more tranquil state-of-play. This fantastic deal includes breakfast each morning and a two-course meal with a glass of fizz on the first night of your stay.

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6) Bignell Park Hotel – Oxfordshire retreat from £99


Hustle, bustle, city-life and hectic schedules can sometimes leave us feeling like we’re about to explode. Which is exactly why we all need to find a way to let off steam every now and again. So, whether you’re a big gym fan, a heavy weekend socialiser or a meditation queen, we think today’s kgbdeal is a way to escape your boring routine – in the most soothing way possible. Incorporating the Oxfordshire countryside, a regal hotel and delicious award-winning food, go on and treat yourself with this entry into relaxation-heaven, including English breakfasts plus 10% off all shopping in Bicester village and 15% off all food and drink at the hotel.

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7) Devonshire House Hotel – £89 Liverpool stay


Fancy escaping to a city bursting with world class attractions, spectacular events, sensational sport, shopping to die for and unrivalled musical heritage? Then you’re in the right place! Not only will today’s snazzy little offer provide you with a break in the lively city of Liverpool, but you’ll also be able to indulge in the finer things in life with fabulous accommodation set amongst acres of gorgeous green grounds. This perfect package includes breakfast each morning, plus a three-course meal on the first night of your stay.

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8) Best Western Premier Yew Lodge Hotel – Derbyshire spa break from £89


When sitting in the office, filing papers and answering emails, most of us dream about lounging in a heated pool and enjoying breathtaking, panoramic views. Thankfully, agent b has found a relaxing retreat that guarantees to send city-dwellers swooning.  Expect cooked breakfast each morning, a three-course meal on the first night and hot chocolate on arrival. And if that isn’t enough, this deal also includes full use of the tranquil spa and facilities.

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9) Bickleigh Castle – Devon fairytale escape from £99


Oh, what we’d give for a glimpse of the true fairytale lifestyle. Hang on a minute… today’s kgbdeal features a grand castle (tick) which happens to be grade one listed (tick) and offers up grand accommodation within the dreamy Devonshire landscape (tick). This magical package also comes with delicious breakfast in the morning!

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10) Hardwicke Hall Manor Hotel – Delightful country manor break from £79


Had enough of the same old, same old grey surroundings, be it your office or your undeniably lovely but somewhat tiresome apartment? Well then, try and picture yourself in the following idyllic situation: a traditional country manor house set in beautiful lawns & woodland background. A classical atmosphere, boasting carefully designed furniture and décor. Feeling better already? Time for this charming break, which includes English breakfasts each morning.

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Our top 10 Spa breaks!

Don’t get us wrong, we love Christmas here at kgbdeals (have you seen our bumper collection of awesome gift ideas, getaways and unforgettable experiences?) but we must admit that, come the 25th we’re filled with as much a sense of relief as we are with Christmas cheer.

There’s the turkey to tackle, the gifts to wrap, the family to entertain… it’s no wonder we all fall asleep immediately after Christmas dinner on the big day! If you’re starting to feel a little Christmassed-out already, fear not; we’ve rounded up our most indulgent and delightful spa deals to help you start the New Year in style.

From single spa days with a choice of treatments to long weekends with maximum relaxation, we’ve got something sumptuous for everyone. So whether you want to do something special to welcome in 2014, or you just need to properly de-Christmas yourself, we guarantee one of these kgbdeals will catch your eye.

1) Spa break for two in Bath at Pratts Hotel – breakfast + spa access included – from only £99


So, where better to begin your quest for relaxation, than a city first established as a spa.  With its famous Roman baths, enticing Abbey, classic Georgian architecture and the remarkable Thermae Bath Spa, you’ll have everything you need for a epic break away in the enchanting city of Bath. And, with a one-night stay at The Pratts Hotel, you’ll receive  a full English breakfast in the morning as well as spa access too (to really get your journey started). Best of all? It’ll only cost you £99 , and for that price, you’ll even be able to bring a loved one or a friend.

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2) Two night’s for two in Lake Windermere at The Hydro Hotel –  £89


This gorgeous two-night stay features an on-site Hydro Pool with a sauna, heated swimming pool and mini gym, so you needn’t travel far from your room to unwind. The surrounding vicinity is almost as stunning as the interior, and is truly the ideal base from which to explore the mesmerizing Lake District. With this deal you’ll get two night’s with a loved one, breakfast included and can relax until your heart’s content!

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3) Cheshire spa escape for two, with dinner, afternoon tea & treatments included –  from £89

image request daresbury2

With heated swimming pools, a starlight steam room, jacuzzi, squash court, fully equipped gym and a location close to museums, zoos, theme parks, shopping and nightlife – you really can’t go wrong with a stay at the stunning Daresbury Park Hotel in Cheshire (Especially when a two-course dinner, an afternoon tea, full access to the spa and leisure facilities AND a 25-minute treatment each is included) – All for just £89!


Seriously…why are you still looking at the pictures? Click the link below! 

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4) Two night’s in Bournemouth with a choice of spa treatments included - £99 for two


Ahh gorgeous Bournemouth. Two night’s of indulgence AND afternoon tea? This deal will only cost you £99, and comes with a choice of spa treatment each to help your truly relax and unwind. If an express facial; Back, neck and shoulder massage; Manicure; Pedicure or Body scrub tickle’s your fancy, then you’re in luck.

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5) 4* London break with dinner, wine & spa access at International Hotel – £99 for two


For city-goers who just can’t bear to be too far away from the captial, where better to indulge in a little pampering than the heart of London. With late check-out, a two-course dinner and access to the luxurious spa, this one-night break is the perfect way to relax after a busy day of shopping.

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6) Herefordshire spa retreat – £99 for two 


The Burton Hotel in Herefordshire offer  a two-night escape for two, including breakfast each morning, spa access and a bottle of wine if you choose to dine all for just £99. Relax by the pool or fill your days with pony trekking, castle hunting, paragliding, bird spotting and more – at this price, the choice is yours!

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7) Spa break in Kent, including breakfast and 20% off pre-booked spa treatments – from only £49 for two!


From only £49? Yes! We know what you’re thinking, and yes! These getaways really do just get better. Escape the humdrum of the city and delve into a tranquil, regal retreat at the gorgeous Hythe Imperial Hotel & Spa with a fellow loved one. 233837_s625x398_1

This deal not only includes a full English breakfast in the mornings, but you’ll also receive  20% off pre-booked spa treatments! Swedish massage anyone?

Click here to buy this deal

8) Bournemouth spa break for two + dinner & wine – from £79


Yes, Bournemouth returns – because frankly, we can’t get enough of this place. This gorgeous spa break will treat you to a delicious breakfast in the morning, a three-course buffet meal as well! And a bottle of wine and full access to the fantastic spa facilities to top it off!


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9) Wiltshire spa day with up to four treatments! – from £29


You’ve been waiting for this deal ‘All Your Life’ (get it?) Well, probably not just yet. This fantastic deal is brought to you by the team at All Your Life. A luxurious tranquil haven, All Your Life has everything you need to completely unwind. Including a Jacuzzi, Steam Room & Mud Razul as well as complementary robes, slippers and towels. Enjoy lunch or afternoon tea, a 55 minute or two 25 minute treatments before lunch,  and after two hour’s use of the facilities you’ll be treated to a further two treatments as well – All for just £99. If that isn’t pampering, we don’t know what is.

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10) One-night Welsh spa, with a food allowance and wine also included –  £99 for two

image request great little breaks6#

Picturesque Monmouthshire. This Welsh hotel has been treating guests like kings and queens since the 16th century and your stay will be no exception. A stay in the Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel & Spa for a night of complete and utter luxury with cost you and your loved one only £99!  You’ll receive  a bottle of wine to enjoy in your room on arrival, a £25 food allowance each and a delectable full Welsh breakfast in the morning.


This blissful package also includes full access to the relaxing spa facilities and the state-of-the-art fitness services, so you’re guaranteed a tranquil, romantic escape.


The beautifully designed bedrooms are set in the historic luxury of 16th century splendour, and boast stunning views of the surrounding countryside. With nothing except luscious green countryside outside and total tranquility inside, the Cwrtium Roman Spa and Leisure Club is the perfect, romantic place to unwind.

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Christmas Gift List: Gadget gifts for a hi-tech Christmas

The big day is now less than a month away. Are you prepared? Have you got your tinsel at the ready and your party dress prepped?

No, we don’t mean the Strictly final, we’re talking Christmas (though the two bear more than a passing resemblance to each other, what with all the glitter and over-the-top enthusiasm).

While we know you’ve got the decorations ready-to-go from last year, and you’ve been stockpiling the food and booze for weeks, the gift-buying always seems to get left until last. It’s little wonder; buying presents is hard, and it seems to get harder as we get older.

Until now, that is, as our kgb agents have lined up some hi-tech gifts that everyone from Great Aunt June to your two-year-old niece will love. Crimbo is going techno this year, so instead of a pair of boring old socks, give the gift of gadgetry with one of these digital kgbdeals. Just make sure you buy batteries to avoid any technical tantrums come Christmas morning!

Seven-inch Smartpad Android tablet bundle – just £39


Who says a tablet needs to cost half a month’s rent? With this Android bundle, including a charger, carrycase and earphones, you can give the technophile in your life something really special without breaking the bank.

Click here to buy this deal

Pair of dancing water speakers – just £18


It is party season after all! And what better way to get the festivities started than with a pair of dancing water speakers. Just plug these bad boys into your laptop or mp3 and marvel as the water dances with the music. If these don’t get you in the mood for dancing, we don’t know what will!

Click here to buy this deal

8GB mp3/mp4 player – just £10

mp3 player

Give the gift of music on-the-go and turn a loved one’s morning commute into a party for one with this mp3/mp4 player. With 8GB of memory to play, this funky device is perfect for the tech-savvy music-lover in your life.

Click here to buy this deal

Charging case for the iPhone 4/4S – just £5

charger case

Technology has come a long way in the last few years, but battery power is still a problem that the great tech minds of this world are still trying to solve. While they’re doing that, we’ve got a solution that’ll keep you iPhone 4 or 4S up-and-running for longer. This clever charging case will keep a battery running for longer and is the perfect gift for the gadget-lover who has everything.

Click here to buy this deal

Two wall charger and cable sets for the iPhone 5 – just £6

charger cable

Keeping with the charging theme, here at kgbdeals we know that you can never have too many chargers. They seem to have a mind of their own, choosing to get lost under the bed for months on end. At least with this kgbdeal, you’ll have a spare one to use as backup.

Click here to buy this deal

Chimp sound headphones – just £19


Everyone knows that music doesn’t sound its best through a pair or tiny earphones, but for diehard music fans it’s a cardinal sin. If you’ve got someone in your life who won’t listen to music unless it’s an all-encompassing sound that penetrates their very soul, grab these Chimp Sound headphones and watch as their head explodes – figuratively and literally!

Click here to buy this kgbdeal

Pure Chronos DAB radio and iDock – just £69

dab radioOne of the pricier items on our gadgety countdown, but just as great value as anything else, this Pure Chronos DAB radio and iDock is a superb gift idea. Offering both digital and analogue radio options, this beautifully crafted player also features an iDock so you can blast out your own tunes in the morning.

Click here to buy this deal

Sony Steadyshot camcorder – just £119

camcorderCamcorders have been around far longer than some of the other gadgets on this list, but gone are the days when you needed to be a bodybuilder just to lift them onto your shoulder. They’re now hi-tech, compact and capable of shooting high-quality HD footage. Like this fantastic device from the original kings of camcorder, Sony.

Click here to buy this kgbdeal

AA and AAA Panasonic battery pack – just £10

batteriesWe know, we know; batteries don’t exactly scream ‘perfect Christmas gift’. But if it comes to Christmas morning and you’ve got 10 different gadgets all needing six batteries each, you’ll thank your lucky stars (and our kgb agents) that you grabbed this Panasonic pack of 40 AA and 32 AAA batteries.

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4GB USB cufflink set – just £6

usb cufflinksJames Bond’s cufflinks don’t get a lot of screen time in the films, but we’re fairly certain he wears these 4GB USB cufflinks for when he’s in a tight spot and needs to store a PDF for later. Everyone wishes they were Bond, James Bond… so these cool, clandestine cufflinks are the perfect gift for almost anyone.

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Give a break this Christmas: Ideal breaks for £99 and under to give as a gift this Christmas

Ahh finally. Can you smell it? The delicious smell of freshly baked mince pies? Yes! Christmas is almost here. And, here at kgbdeals HQ, we want this year to be extra special. So we’ve pulled all of our resources to find you the best UK breaks to give to your loved ones as gifts this Christmas – all under £99!

For the lovers and friends that just can’t bear to be apart,

1) How about a two-night break for two in Brighton? For only £99

umi brighton 05

In a gorgeous hotel on the corner of West Street, with a prime location right opposite the beach? Ahh, we can just imagine it now. Waking up to the sound of the waves, cuddling up together at night – it’s the ideal UK beachfront break away.

With a full English breakfast each morning provided they’ll have plenty of energy to explore all of Brighton’s exciting attractions including Komedia, The Royal Pavilion, Fabrica and more. The umi Brighton hotel is also ideally located close to the town centre too, so they wouldn’t have to carry their bags too far either when shopping on The Lanes (Got a fairly large thank-you gift in mind? Not a problem).

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Or, for the family-orientated, it doesn’t get much better than…

2)  A three or four-night stay for four people at Pontins, from £99


The gift that says ‘you’re so thoughtful that you took into consideration just how much I love my children and knew that I wouldn’t want to do anything without them’. Being thoughtful is always a good shout – especially if it saves you from having to think of something different to buy for the rest of the family –  it’s a classic win, win situation. With prices starting from £99 – you might even fancy tagging along yourself.

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But, if family-fun isn’t really your friend’s things, how about a party cruise instead? A New Year’s party cruise to be precise.

3) New Year’s Eve party boat – from £75 per person


Probably the most awesome way to kick start the New Year. Dancing, cruising and, er, grooving, to all of your favourite tunes, surrounded by people who just want to have a good time. The perfect gift for the friend who still hasn’t decided on what they’re going for New Years yet but would be completely gutted if it turned out to be as terrible a night as it did last year. (Grandma wasn’t exactly the party-buddy they had in mind.)

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For the couple/friends who spend a little too much time watching Downton Abbey, a night (or two) in a luxuriously elegant, Victorian country house hotel would be absolutely ideal.

4) One-night Cheshire country house stay with cream tea for two, from £89


Even better when it comes with cream tea, sparkling wine and a three-course dinner. All for just £89? – We kid you not.

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For the foodies…

5) A one-night stay for two people at the Casa Hotel and Marco Pierre White Restaurant with a three-course dinner included, just £85

230429_s625x398_9 230429_s625x398_10

A luxurious hotel stay tucked away in the cosy arms of Hampshire, this offer even features a Marco Pierre restaurant, where guests will indulge in a stunning three-course meal and enjoy a full breakfast in the morning. Seriously, what’s not to love? At only £85 – we’re packing our bags already.

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Last but not least (because, like we said before, we’re in the middle of packing)

A tranquil stay in Devon…

6) Two-night Devon retreat for two at the Potters Mooring Hotel, only £79


A quiet fishing village set in one of the country’s most delightful regions, with stunning picturesque views and an endless list of activities to keep visitors entertained – this little trip would be perfect for mum and dad, the grandparents and any pair of friends in search of a relaxing escape. At £79, and after all this hard work, you might even treat yourself to this one sweet deal too.

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Back to packing…

P.s – remember, with every break you buy up until the 31st December, you could win a holiday to the Maldives! ← and, don’t worry, you can keep that one for yourself.

Christmas Gift List: Keep yourself and others warm with our winter warmers!

As we get closer to December, it is getting colder and colder outside. This weekend temperatures will drop to 3 degrees Celsius. We are starting to get really cold at kgbdeals HQ so we’ve been hunting down items to keep us warm.
Here are our top 10 winter warmer items.

Why not buy one for yourself and a loved one this Christmas?

1) Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater

If you are stuck for space in your home – this is the perfect 2 in 1 item. With the Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool™ fan heater Air Multiplier™ you can enjoy hot air in the winter and cool air in the summer! It is all in one appliance. Just select your desired temperature, speed, oscillation and even the way it tilts, with the remote control. Forget the smell of burning dust, forget the sound of rickety old blades, and enter the – far more practical – future for only £289.

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2) Comfy bootie slippers

Stay warm this winter with these gorgeous slippers! Pick from 17 funky designs and give your feet the TLC it deserves. Get your family involved in the fashion and buy them all a pair. You can wear them all together on Christmas day! Go on… they are only £6!

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3) Neoprene ski masks

OK… so you probably don’t want to wear these around the house – or even when heading into town. But if the cold weather has inspired you to plan a ski trip – this item is a must! Seriously, try skiing with a runny nose. It’s very unpleasant. This is why we’ve picked up a fab kgbdeal for all of you winter sports fanatics – no less than three neoprene ski masks. This woolly trinity is just the thing to keep you, and your mates, nice and snug no matter if you’re skiing or snowboarding. And they’ll cost you just £7, too! Perfect for you and for any ski fans you are buying presents for this Christmas.

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4) Waterproof snow boots

We love these boots! They are waterproof and lined with faux fur and also have a thick ridged sole for grip. What more could you ask for? Rock a pair of Hengst ladies’ snow boots from Mrs Marcos for just £25.

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5) Faux fur-lined parka

So we’ve covered your face and feet – now you need to keep your body warm! This parka coat will do just the job. It’s a loose fit, has cotton outer fabric with polyester wool faux-fur lining and a zip front. Choose from a size 8-14 for just £22.

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6) Thermal underwear

If you are the type who likes to be extra warm – and a thick coat just won’t do the trick – then this deal may just be for you. Defend yourself against the inappropriate advances of Old Man Winter with seamless thermal underwear from ePacific mall. This trendy insulator will keep your top and bottom halves warm while also shaping your body to bring your tummy in and your bum up – always a good thing! Available in five different colours and yours for just £10, this winter warmer is an essential.

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7) Child’s crochet animal hat

It’s not just about you! Keep the kids looking warm and funky with these cool animal hats!   Choose from a blue owl, an orange owl or a monkey! It’s a great little gift and perfect stocking filler for just £5. Or buy two for £9. Make sure you send us photos of the little ones all wrapped up on Twitter @kgbdeals_UK

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8) Choose any two faux mink throws

Keep warm and snug with two faux mink throws for £20 – choose from eight different colours and prints! It’s a must if you are staying in with the family during Christmas. We can see it now… everyone snuggled together under these throws and tucking into Christmas chocolates!

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9) Duck-feather-filled duvet slippers

Snuggle down with a pair of these cosy slippers for just £8! Choose from six different bubbly designs.

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10) Duck feather pillows

These pillows are so snug! We loved the duck feather slippers so much in the office that we decided to find duck feather pillows too. Get a great night’s sleep this winter with these. Buy two for £12.

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Christmas Gift List: Light up your life with LED!

At kgbdeals HQ we’ve gone LED mad! We are on a mission to light up your Christmas as well as the people you are buying gifts for.

Why? Well… we want you to stand out from the crowd with the Christmas gift you give your friends this year. We’ve sourced some great unique LED presents to help you.

We also want your guests to talk about the Christmas party in your home, so buy one of our LED deals and ensure your party is one the guests will be talking about in the New Year!

Light up your Christmas 2013 with one of these LED items!

 1)      LED Christmas flashing T-shirts

Looking for something unique to wear around the Christmas dinner table this year? Be the talk of the conversation (after the turkey, of course) with these flashing T-shirts!

Our deal is perfect for those who aren’t quite brave enough to show this off on their own. Dress festive and light up a family member’s Christmas by buying them a T-shirt! Buy two for just £24. We’d love to see your Christmas day photos with your fashionable T-shirts on – so tweet us @KGBdeals_UK

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 2)      LED Colour-changing Coasters

This is the perfect addition for your Christmas Eve, Christmas or New Year’s Eve party!

Inject some light and life into your beverage table mat collection with a pack of four LED coasters for just £6 or 10 for £12. These are so funky. You’ve just found your next dinner party conversation piece!

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 3)      LED Christmas Tree

How cute is this 60cm tree? It’s covered in artificial snow and is perfect if you are looking for something small and festive for home or place of work. At kgbdeals HQ we have these on our desks. Buy this hassle-free LED tree for just £15.

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4)      Turtle Night Light & Projector

Looking for a unique gift for a child this Christmas? This turtle night comes in green or pink so you can choose the right colour for the special child in your life! The night light will beam stars across the bedroom and play soothing melodies to accompany your little ones to the land of nod. It’s a perfect gift for just £12 that will make any child smile this Christmas.

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5)      Ocean Projector Night Light

Here is another gift idea for children this Christmas. This light projects images of the ocean in a child’s bedroom (or a big kid’s!). Your child could imagine they are sleeping in an ocean when they see fishes projecting across the room. The light is just £6.

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6)      LED Speaker and MP3 Player

Do you know a child who is so into music and technology that you have to remind yourself how old they are? This is the perfect Christmas music gift for this child! They can enjoy a fantastic sound and light show with this black LED ferris wheel multimedia digital speaker and MP3 player from for £24! The system supports USB flash drive and SD/MMC cards.

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7)      LED Hair Extensions

Young girls will love these LED hair extensions as a Christmas present this year. They are perfect for New Year’s Eve parties and come in blue, red, white, green and purple. Buy five extensions for £5 or 10 for £8.

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8)      LED Laces

Turn up to the Christmas and New Year’s Eve party in these LED laces and give everyone something to talk about! This item is also the perfect LED gift for children who are bound to be amazed with the lights on their shoes. You can use these on running shoes, boots and skates and they are just £6 for three pairs. Or buy six pairs for £11.

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9)      LED Blossom Christmas Tree

If you are looking for a modern tree which you can keep alight all year round – then this is the perfect LED item for your home. This shines with 80 different LED white lights and is a wonderful alternative to the traditional pine tree. It is just £25.

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10)   LED Ice Bucket

It’s a colour-changing remote-controlled ice bucket… how much cooler can you get? (Get it?)

If you are hosting a party during the festive season – this item is a must! Store your ice in this bucket and ensure your guests can enjoy a chilled drink and find ice – even when the lights are off and guests are dancing the night away! Choose from a range of colours and pick up a bucket for £25.

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Xmas markets – make a night of it!

Christmas shouldn’t just be about others. It should be festive and fun for you too.

This year at kgbdeals HQ we’re encouraging all of our customers to be creative with their gifts, and enjoy the festive season by attending a 2013 Christmas market.

Not only do we want you to think about buying gifts, but we’d like your trip to the market to be well worth it. What’s the point of driving all the way to a UK market, rushing around to find a gift, not enjoying the mulled wine or mince pies because you have to drive back home early to have dinner with your partner? That sounds like more of chore than an experience, doesn’t it?

That’s why our agents at kgbdeals have found you the perfect experience. We’ve sourced two great deals at hotels close to some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. So why not combine your Christmas shopping trip with a stay at one of these?

1) Warsaw Christmas Markets

If you really want to switch off from the daily chores, get the shopping done and indulge in a little ‘me’ time then head to Poland for two or three nights and immerse yourself in the well-known Warsaw Christmas market.


With our deal you can fly to Poland from Manchester or London Stansted airports and check in at the Mercure Grand Warszawa Hotel for two or three nights – the choice is yours.


The Christmas Market starts from 12 midday until 8pm and is just a 10-minute drive from your hotel.

Your shopping experience will involve an olde European Market Square filled with wooden stalls where you can find affordable handcrafted Christmas ornaments and presents like amber jewellery, ceramics and carved wood decorations.

The Old Town Market Square is not the only place to feel the romantic holiday energy in Warsaw. The huge, artificial tree that is colourfully lit up on Plac Zamkowy (Castle Square) at the entrance to the Old Town is a must-see. There’s an area that is beautifully lit up with sparkling white lights.

After browsing the shopping stalls all day, you could always finish the night off with a performance at the National Philharmonic or head to the Grand Theatre for an opera or better yet – a performance of the classic Christmas ballet the Nutcracker. You can also go ice skating outside of the Zlote Tarasy shopping centre. (not included in our deal)

After all that… here’s the good news! You don’t have to go home! Get a great night’s sleep at the 4* Mercure Grand Warszawa Hotel, reflect on what you saw at the market, and get buying the following day! 

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(Have you been to this market in the past? Share your experience with our followers on Twitter @KGBdeals_UK

2)      Frankfurt Christmas Market

If Poland is not your thing – how about a shopping trip to Frankfurt? Here you can pick up some Frankfurt-style Christmas tree ornaments and delicious apple wine for your home.


With our deal you can fly to Frankfurt from London Stansted and stay at the 4 *Best Western Grand City Hotel.

The hotel is less than a 10-minute drive to the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Römerberg 27 which is open from 10am-9pm.

This market will get you in the mood for the best season of the year, and it’s symbolic Christmas tree is one the largest in all of Germany.


After you’ve unloaded your luggage at the hotel, take a stroll to the market where you’ll discover a plethora of ornately decorated stalls and booths, and will be sure to find a little something for your loved ones back home.

You’ll be amazed at the gifts made of honey and bees wax, including cinnamon, cloves and Christmas honey. You’ll find this in the 300-year-old ‘honey house’ at St Paul’s Square.

If you really want to show off to friends where you have been this year, you can imprint your Christmas cards with a special Frankfurt Christmastime stamp?

And when it’s time to eat and drink… visit one of the nearby taverns and inns and enjoy a Christmas goose and a hot apple wine. (Not included in our deal)

After your first day in Germany, head to the 4* Best Western Grand City Hotel where you’ll have free Wi-Fi access to help you plan the next day. The hotel also has a sauna and fitness area, so if you need a break from the shopping and all the festive activities why not book yourself in for some well-deserved relaxation?

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(Have you been to this market in the past? Share your experience with our followers, telling them what unique gifts you bought and what you enjoyed, on Twitter @KGBdeals_UK )

Simple Halloween treats your kids will love

It’s time to get your zombie masks and witch hats out people, the spookiest time of year is very nearly upon us.

Yes, it may be a very American holiday and one that’s of more interest to confectionary makers and costume manufacturers than it is to normal people, but Halloween is still a bloody good laugh – especially if you have children. After all, they give you an excuse to go knocking on strangers’ doors dressed in masks, asking for sweets. Trust us, if you do the same thing as a group of adults on your own, it doesn’t go down very well.

If you’re celebrating All Hallows’ Eve with a party this year, or you want to give trick-or-treaters something better than a couple of sweets and a chocolate bar, try out these spookily delicious yet eerily simple Halloween recipes.

Banana ghosts and orange pumpkins

Banana ghosts and orange pumkins

We’re no whizzes in the kitchen here at kgbdeals, so we’ve strived to bring you the simplest Halloween ‘recipes’ we could possibly find. And they don’t get much simpler than banana ghosts and orange pumpkins.

All you need for this tasty yet healthy treat (don’t tell the kids!) is a few bananas, some chocolate chips and chocolate buttons, a few oranges and a bit of celery. Peel and cut the bananas in half and use the chocolate chips to make the ghostly eyes and the chocolate buttons for the spooky mouth.

For the orange pumpkins, simply peel the oranges and stick a small piece of celery through the top to create the stalk. How simple is that?

Chocolate covered cockroaches


You heard us. Cockroaches, covered in chocolate. The best thing about these gruesome nibbles is that they’re almost as easy to make as the banana ghosts – albeit a lot less healthy!

To make these delicious chocroaches (get it?) all you need is some pitted dates and a large bar of milk chocolate – or dark chocolate if you prefer! Simply melt the chocolate by breaking it up in a non-plastic bowl placed over a pot of boiling water.

Melt the chocolate slowly, until it is smooth and runny, then dip the pitted dates in the chocolate so they are almost entirely covered to create the cockroach effect. Wait until the chocolate has hardened and watch as your party guests gingerly bite into these delicious bugs.

Witches’ hats

Witches' hats

Making delicious witches’ hats couldn’t be easier, and it’s a great opportunity for you and your children to get creative.

All you’ll need is some chocolate, some circular biscuits (whichever are your faves!) some ice cream cones and plenty of icing and decorations. Start by melting the chocolate in the same way as before, then dip in the biscuits and cones and stick them together to create the hat shape.

That’s it! You’re practically there! All that’s left to do is decorate your hats however you see fit, with yellow icing for buckles or hundreds and thousands for a bit of colour. To give your guests an added surprise, why not fill the cones with sweets or chocolate before sticking them to the biscuits?

Toffee apples with bite

Toffee apples

This is probably the trickiest recipe we’ve included, but once you’ve nailed toffee apples you can enjoy tasty Halloweens for years to come!

To make enough caramel for eight toffee apples with a twist you’ll need 400g of golden caster sugar, a teaspoon of vinegar and four tablespoons of golden syrup. After you’ve given the apples a thorough scrubbing to help the caramel stick better, place them on a lined baking tray and push a skewer or lolly stick into the top of each one.

Next up: make the caramel. Pour the caster sugar into a saucepan with 100ml of water and cook until the sugar dissolves, before stirring in the vinegar and syrup. Keep boiling until the caramel reaches the ‘hard crack’ stage, which you can test by pouring a little into cold water – if it hardens immediately then it’s done.

Working quickly and carefully (trust us, caramel gets HOT) take the pan off the boil and dip each apple in the caramel before placing them back on the baking tray. Finally, get some marshmallows and use scissors to make the fangs and teeth.

With a sharp knife cut a mouth hole out of each apple and use some of the leftover caramel to stick the teeth into place. There you have it! Some toffee apples that could take a bite out of you!


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